Friday, October 2, 2009


We cry when we feel the pain
we cry when we feel the happiness
we cry under the hot sun
we cry under the heavy rains

Then now i've feel the pain
again..and again
with the same reasons
with the same situation

My head likes wanna explored out
everything inside is killing me
one by one
the feeling
the things inside
the memories
and the people
surrounds of me

I'm lost in the brightness
I'm even lost in the dark
I'm find my way
to the place that nobody knows me
then i'll let my tears
fall down without worries

nobody can see
nobody can feel
nobody can hear
and i'll be the one who is crying loudly
until the sky fall down

Coz i can't stand all this thing anymore
it's hurt me
it's hurt myself
it's killing me
but i didn't wanna stop this from happend
Coz i want to die with a pain
with a passion
with a satisfaction
to pay back all my debts
to........the tears ( For crying so much)

1 comment:

  1. hi there beloved chin....
    remember those times when we used to laugh and cry was such memrable time we had. i think its okay to cry as it has therapeutic effect on us both that time(at least to me....)
    but why do i sense such melancholy in your poems?theres just so many things im missing about you, but im keeping my fingers crossd that 1 day, you will pour everythg out to me...i really wanna catch up on lost always ready to listen. after all, you are still my chin, right???
    take a good care of yourself.