Friday, October 2, 2009

For Everything

From the blue sky
until the dark and deep of the ocean
I still can't found the reason why
Serenity is mine
if i can touch it before i die

I keep telling myself
keep yelling the same thing in my head
but nobody knows
what is inside of me

The wake of imagination in my head
seems to be too wild for myself
Coz i doesn't belong to me
Which i can reach it easily

For the everything
that i've passed by
For the time which is still running
and here am i still stayed until today

For the every tears
which is fall down from my eyes
to the earth
whithout no one knows

For the every single word
that i've said or write
I..still need to take a deep breathe
to make it happend
to make it passed by
by sooner or later

Even..i'm the one
why is the person that feel the pain
but i will be a story
for now & forever
until the end of the day
to the infinity.....

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